Environment Day

Class 31 successfully completed their year on Friday, June 3rd learning about some of the incredible natural resources within the county and some examples of best management practices used by companies to protect them. The day started at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center Santa Cruz with a talk about the sanctuary and a tour of the museum. This was followed by presentation on water, and climate change issues facing Santa Cruz County. By mid-morning the class boarded a Santa Cruz Metro bus and headed up the coast. The first stop was Big Creek Lumber who hosted a picnic lunch and then shared their story about how they harvest in a sustainable way. Next the class visited Laguna Creek Beach and were told why Santa Cruz County is considered such a biological "hot spot." The day ended at Graniterock where they were met by the Branch Manager, an environment specialist, a biologist, and an ecologist to hear about the successful protection of the endangered red-legged frog and other endemic species. It turned out to be a very fun day combined with considerable exposure to the natural resources within our community. Thank you to Big Creek Lumber, the Sanctuary Exploration Center, San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce and Santa Cruz Metro for sponsoring this day. #LeadershipSCC #communitypartners #thankyou

#industry #environment #sustainability

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