Criminal Justice Day

Leadership Santa Cruz County's Criminal Justice class was an action packed day for Class 31. The day began at the Santa Cruz Police Officers' Association briefing room with presentations by First Alarm's, David Hood (the Day Sponsor), Sheriff Hart, SCPD Chief Vogel, and Dennis Kidd, General Manager of Regional SC 911. The class was then transported to the County Jail for a very sobering tour of this facility. Lunch was served to the class at the Roundtree Lane Men's medium security facility where the differences in detention were explained. Then on to the Watsonville Court House where the class was welcomed by Commissioner Baskett and provided a brief tour the various departments. The day ended with a shared discussion by the District Attorney, Jeff Rosell, the Public Defender, Larry Biggam, and Probation Chief Fernando Giraldo. The class came away with a better understanding of how the criminal justice system is working to reduce recitivism, and a deeper appreciation of what is being done to keep our community safe.

#criminaljustice #leadership

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