Local Government Day

Friday’s class on Local Government turned out very well in the end, but there was one pretty big surprise. As I was setting everything up I received a call around 7:45am from Maureen McCarty’s, Mark Stone’s District Director, sharing the unfortunate news that Mark would not be able to speak. Turns out he had the same ailment as many other throughout Santa Cruz County. Maureen immediately offered to find a replacement. I thought what were the chances and was reviving my “song-and-dance” routine. I informed the class of the situation and then we were off to our usual start. Scotts Valley City Manager, Jenny Harayama started things with a comprehensive overview of city government primarily thru the lens of the City Mgr. Carlos Palacios, CAO for the County of Santa Cruz followed this with a discussion of County government and his vision for the future. Now Mark Stone’s time! Lo and behold Maureen was able to find John Laird working from home and asked him to cover for Mark. He agreed and the day went on as if nothing unusual had occurred. What are the chances of that!

After lunch, the class moved over to the Scotts Valley Public Library and received a presentation from Library Director, Susan Nemitz and a brief tour. When they returned to the room County Board of Supervisor was waiting to share his experiences at the local and state level. The day ended with a very valuable presentation from Santa Clara Board of Supervisor, Joe Simitian an his 13 Tips for Successful Advocacy. While there were showers throughout the day, nothing could have damped the spirits of Class 33 as they receive an incredible body of knowledge about their local government.


Day Sponsor – Bay Federal Credit Union

Morning facility – City of Scotts Valley – Council Chambers

Continental Breakfast – Modern Woodman of America – Stephen Hoversten, Class 31

Lunch Sponsor – Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce – Danny Reber, Class 31

Lunch (and breakfast) provided by Kiss Café and Catering.

Afternoon room – Santa Cruz Public Libraries – specifically the Scotts Valley Public Library

Bruce McPherson

Joe Simitian

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