Local Government Day

What a remarkable day this past Friday turned out to be for Class 34. The days began with a welcome from the newly elected mayor of Scotts Valley, Jack Dilles. This was followed by a wonderful presentation on the basics of city government by Jenny Haruyama, City Manager for Scotts Valley. Then on to a discussion about County government by Carlos Palacios, County Administrative Officer. The morning concluded with a presentation by Assembly member Mark Stone about his experiences in Sacramento.

The afternoon continued with a tour of the Scotts Valley Public Library by class member and Library Director, Susan Nemitz. County Board of Supervisor, Bruce McPherson wrapped up the day’s discussion on government by describing what it is like working at various levels of government. His experience as a County Board of Supervisor, Assembly member, Senator, and Secretary of State was shared with the class. Santa Clara Board of Supervisor, Joe Simitian finished the day by sharing his 13 Tips for Successful Advocacy. It was a lot of very useful information for the class and we even had time for a lot of social interaction.


Day Sponsor - Bay Federal Credit Union

Morning Facility - City of Scotts Valley

Lunch - Phil Neuman – Class member, and President and CEO of PDNC Inc.

Afternoon Facility - Scott Valley Public Library

Program support was provided by the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce

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