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Alumni Classes 1 - 36


Leadership Santa Cruz County’s Alumni Association is a network of individuals who have previously participated in the program. Once participants complete the program, they automatically become members of the association.

Directory Coming Soon!

We're working on a comprehensive directory for Class 37 and the Alumni Association Classes 1 through 36. Stay tuned!

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Alumni Association

The Alumni Association serves several purposes:


Networking: We provide a platform for individuals who have completed the leadership program to connect and network with each other. This can lead to valuable professional connections, collaborations, and partnerships.


Continued Learning: We keep alumni informed about ongoing learning opportunities, workshops, seminars, and resources to help former participants stay updated on current leadership trends and practices.


Mentorship: Alumni who have gained experience and expertise through the program can serve as mentors to new participants, guiding them through their leadership journeys.


Professional Development: We organize and participate in events, conferences, and discussions focused on advancing alumni members' careers and leadership roles.


Community and Support: Being part of an alumni association creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie among individuals who share a common experience. This support network can be valuable for personal and professional growth.


Involvement and Contributions: We encourage former participants to contribute back to the program by sharing their experiences, volunteering, or supporting the program's activities.


Advocacy: Alumni serve as advocates for the LSCC program, helping to promote its benefits and impact.


The Alumni Association helps former participants of the program stay connected, continue their learning, and contribute to the growth of the program and its community.

Leadership Santa Cruz County is a great tool for learning about all different aspects of the region where we live and work. I met leaders from local government, education, hospitality, agriculture and the arts. What I gained from both my classmates and those we met each month has proven to be priceless already and I know I'll use not only that knowledge, but also the business relationships, and friendships I've made for many years to come.

Steve Bennett, Santa Cruz Sentinel Director of Operations, Class 32

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