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Janet Janssen | Orientation Sponsor

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Thank you Janet Janssen, Class 37's Orientation sponsor!

Janet will lead our new cohort on August 22 with an icebreaker exercise:

Break the Ice: Unleash Your Leadership Skills & Foster Team Camaraderie!

Janet says, "This ice breaker is designed to connect people to open up and feel comfortable with each other as they capitalize on our leadership skills.

It is a fun exercise that helps demonstrate the importance of team building. We learn how communication and listening skills increase the team's ability to achieve their end goal and demonstrate how creativity and innovative ideas provide team camaraderie and insights for successful outcomes."

Janet Janssen is a Life in Business coach and consultant for team-building activities. Assistant instructor in Leadership and Supervisory Training Academies at Cabrillo College, Strictly Business columnist for the Press Banner, and a distinguished public speaker with Toastmasters International. She lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is active with the San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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