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Leadership Retreat September 9, 2022

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Class 36 enjoyed an amazing 2-day Retreat at Mount Hermon. Thank you to Mount Hermon for providing their Meadow View Room and coffee. The first day focused on leadership skills and an awareness of leadership activities in Santa Cruz County:

  • Leading through Change with Rene Schlaepfer - Twin Lakes Church

  • Community Assessment Project with Keisha Browder

  • True Colors by Cabrillo Extension

  • Santa Cruz Trivia Quiz with Wallace Baine

  • What Leaders Need to know to be Successful in Santa Cruz County with Cynthia Mathews

  • Leadership walk at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park with Dave Vincent Team building and bonding were the focus of the second day of the retreat; and this is certainly what occurred! Mount Hermon's Sequoia Aerial Ropes course proved challenging and exciting for most. These experiences – frightening at times, thrilling at others – help to solidify relationships in ways that could not happen otherwise. It was a very hot day in Felton at 102 degrees. But the class enjoyed a walk through Henry Cowell Redwood's loop train in the shade of the trees. The staff at Mount Hermon were exceptionally helpful so that everyone came away feeling proud of their accomplishments. The class also had the opportunity to meet and hear from LSCC's Alumni Chair Laura Owens and Treasurer Nikki Beaver. Thank you to our sponsors!

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