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Arts & Culture Day

Class 37’s Arts & Culture Day began at a site no one had heard of before; one of the unspoken goals of Leadership Santa Cruz County.  As they entered the courtyard of the Sonivore Studio they were in awe.  The studio is unique as it caters to aspiring artists desiring to learn recording skills at little or no cost.  The day began with a welcome by Summer Red, Owner and Lead Engineer at the Studio.  This was followed by Jim Brown, Executive Director of the Arts Council SCC.  Jim provided a brief overview of the arts in Santa Cruz County and their economic impact.  The class then heard from a panel facilitated by Sally Green from the Arts Council; and who helped shape this class day .  The panel included Erin Laury (Coastal Watershed Council), Jessica Carmen Evanjelista (The Jams), and Mer Stafford (Chief Impact Officer, Housing Matters).  They help the class better understand the possible connections between the arts and social change.  Before leaving the Sonivore Studio Class 37 had the opportunity to delve into the studio itself including the control room, and the recording studio.

Then it was off to downtown Santa Cruz, where the class broke into groups and participated in a public art scavenger hunt.  This was set up by classmate Jamie Garfield as a way to remind everyone of the incredible art displays found throughout the city of Santa Cruz. Then a quick stop at Pleasure Pizza for some a welcomed lunch, and the awards to the group with the highest marks in the scavenger hunt.

The day ended over at the Tannery Arts Center.  As a fun way to be active right after lunch, the class participated in a group activity called Movement and Play led by Saki Tamao.  Then they met at the Radius Gallery where they heard from another panel on Art and the Community.  This was facilitated by Val Miranda, the Director of the Sesnon Gallery (UCSC).  The panel consisted of Kathleen Crocetti (Community Arts & Empowerment), Isabel Contreras (Founder, Mi Gente), Genoa Brown (Everyone’s Music School, and Jessica Carrasco (Carrasco Concepts). The day ended with a tour of the Tannery Arts Center by Ann Hazels, owner of the Radius Gallery, and then a hands-on art activity provided by the Printmakers at the Tannery.  Everyone left the day with new knowledge about the arts and culture that our community provides, as well as a handmade print!

Thanks so much to our wonderful sponsors!

Tom Brezsny, Christie's-Sereno Real Estate

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