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Education Day

Class 37’s Education Day began at the Santa Cruz County’s Office of Education (COE). All of the preparation for the morning was planned by Les Forester, the Inside Education Coordinator. The day began with County Superintendent Dr. Ferris Sabbah providing a broad overview of school initiatives being implemented by the COE as a way to deal with the many challenges faced by our public schools.

Next, the class boarded a METRO bus to tour examples of elementary, middle, and high schools. The first stop was Aptos High School, where Class 37 learned about its Career Technical Education program with a visit to a Building and Construction classroom. Next, the class visited and learned about Shoreline Middle School. As part of this, we were given a student led tour of the campus. The morning’s fieldtrip ended with a tour of the Gault Elementary School. Class 37 was provided an opportunity to hear from some of the students there, and tour their campus.

Upon returning to the COE, Superintendent Sabbah moderated a tour debrief and then the class heard directly from a couple of high school students about reflecting on their personal educational journey.

In the afternoon, Class 37 carpooled to the Seymour Center and had the opportunity to hear from UCSC Chancellor Dr. Cynthia Larive and Vice Chancellor Ed Reiskin. The day ended with an opportunity to meet and hear from the President and Superintendent of Cabrillo Community College, Dr. Matt Wetstein.

Class 37 walked away from this day with a broad perspective of current issues facing both our public schools and the county’s higher education institutions.

Thank you so much to the day's sponsors:

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